QD600 universal frequency converter

QD600 universal frequency converter

QD600 series inverter is a high-performance current vector control inverter, which integrates magnetic flux closed-loop and torque closed-loop.

Industry application:

Wire drawing machine, film winding machine, coating machine, CNC machine tool, knitting machine, jacquard machine, fan, water pump, chemical fiber, textile, synchronous linkage, injection molding machine, lifting, lifting, CNC machine tool, rolling mill, pipe and wire processing, lifting, lifting equipment, rolling mill production.

Technical features:

● Good low-frequency characteristics, 0.5Hz can output 150% high starting torque

● Modular software, flexible configuration of special modules

● Various control modes: V/F control, with PG vector control, without PG vector control

● The motor starts and stops quickly, and the direction is switched repeatedly without impact

● Stable operation with low frequency and large torque

● Fast DC braking function

● Non-impact speed tracking realized by special hardware

● Built-in RS485 communication, supporting MODBUS-RTU communication protocol

● Servo fixed length function

● Swing function with arbitrarily given center frequency

● Speed tracking function

● Transient power failure treatment

● Overload capacity is super strong, and the frequency converter operates without tripping

● Good linearity of load torque and output current in torque mode

● Sag control function of automatic load balancing

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