QD800 universal frequency converter

QD800 universal frequency converter

QD800 series frequency converter is a general high-performance current vector frequency converter, which can replace imported frequency converter and is mainly used to control and adjust the speed of three-phase AC asynchronous motor. The product adopts high-performance vector control technology, low speed and high torque output, has good dynamic characteristics, strong overload capacity, user programmable, independent monitoring software, can connect to the Aozhuo intelligent cloud platform to realize remote control, support a variety of communication devices/PG cards, etc., with rich and powerful combined functions and stable performance.

Maximum frequency: 0~500HZ

Input frequency resolution digital setting: 0.01Hz, analog setting: maximum frequency X0.025%

Overload capacity:

G type machine: 150% rated current for 60s; 180% rated current for 3s

P-type machine: 120% rated current 60s; 150% rated current for 3s

Automatic voltage regulation (AVR): When the grid voltage changes, it can automatically maintain the output voltage constant

Instantaneous stop: in case of transient power failure, the load feedback energy compensates the voltage reduction to maintain the converter to continue to operate for a short time

Optional LCD display screen: optional LCD display screen, Chinese/English prompt operation content, to achieve rapid copying of parameters

Product advantages:

1. Rich voltage levels

Support single-phase 220V, three-phase 220V, three-phase 380V, three-phase 480V, three-phase 690V and three-phase 1140V voltage levels, and support single-phase 220V transmission to three-phase 380V output.

2. Rich control methods

There are speed sensor, speed sensor and V/F control

3. Rich field bus

Four buses are supported: Modbus-RTU, Profibus-DP, CANlink and CANopen.

4. Rich encoder types

Holding differential encoder, open collector encoder, rotary transformer, UVW encoder, etc.

5. A new speed sensor and quantity control algorithm

The new SVC (⽆ speed sensor ⽮ quantity control) is the same type of frequency converter, which brings better low-speed stability, stronger low-frequency on-load energy ⼒, ⽽ and holds the torque control of SVC.

6. Strong Android intelligent cloud platform

After the device is connected to the Android smart cloud platform, it can use the program or APP to remotely view or modify the device parameters, send the mobile phone alarm and SMS notification in case of failure, remotely reset the device, and view the device location in real time.

Scope of application:

High-performance current vector converter can be widely used in the drive of various kinds of equipment in steel, mining, oil, electricity, power supply and drainage, chemical, textile, agriculture and other industries.

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