High-performance vector converter of Aozhuo Technology was recognized as Shandon

On November 22, 2022, the Shandong Provincial Quality Evaluation Association issued the Notice on the Identification Results of Shandong High-quality Brand Products in 2022. The "high-performance vector converter" independently developed and produced by Shandong Aozhuo Electric Technology Development Co., Ltd. was successfully recognized as Shandong high-quality brand product in 2022, which represents the recognition of the company's brand construction, product quality, production technology and other aspects.

It is reported that the cultivation and identification of high-quality brands in Shandong Province is organized and implemented by the Shandong Provincial Quality Evaluation Association, aiming to implement the requirements of the provincial party committee and the provincial government on the implementation of the major project of the transformation of new and old kinetic energy, promote the implementation of the strategy of strengthening the province by quality and brand, and cultivate a number of competitive high-end well-known brands at home and abroad.

With the increase of market share, Aozhuo Technology has always put brand building into production, operation and enterprise management in recent years, and implemented the strategy of strengthening the enterprise by quality and innovation-driven development with the goal of "building quality inside and building brand outside". From product quality, performance to product appearance, we are committed to building brand influence, improving market competitiveness, and promoting the company's products to move towards high quality standards, high quality services, and high-end brands.

The "high-performance vector converter" independently developed and produced by Aozhuo Technology is a general-purpose high-performance current vector converter, which can replace the imported converter and is mainly used to control and adjust the speed of three-phase AC asynchronous motor. The product adopts high-performance vector control technology, low speed and high torque output, has good dynamic characteristics, strong overload capacity, user programmable, independent monitoring software, can be connected to the Aozhuo intelligent cloud platform to realize remote control, support a variety of communication bus/PG cards, etc., with rich and powerful combined functions and stable performance.

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