Oilfield system energy saving solution

1、 Current situation of power consumption in oilfield system

The oil field system is a comprehensive power consumption environment. There are many power consumption systems, and the power demand of each system is very different. The main electrical equipment in the oilfield is pumping unit and water injection pump equipment. According to the investigation and analysis of each system, the current power supply system in the oil field generally has the problems of obsolete equipment and low efficiency. This directly leads to an increase in the proportion of electricity consumption expenses in production costs (accounting for more than 35% of the total cost). The increase in electricity consumption expenses directly affects the reduction of oil field costs and the improvement of efficiency. Therefore, it is imperative to improve energy conservation and consumption reduction in oil fields.

At present, the number of pumping units in China's petrochemical industry is more than 100000, the total installed capacity of electric motors is 3500MW, and the annual power consumption is more than 10 billion kWh. The operating efficiency of pumping units is particularly low, with an average rate of 25.96% in China and 30.05% in foreign countries. The annual energy saving potential can reach several billion kilowatt-hours; Water injection pump is also an important equipment in oilfield production, with huge energy saving potential. Its normal operation and working efficiency also affect the economic benefits of the whole oilfield.

2、 Symptom analysis of electric energy waste in oilfield system

1. Serious waste of power transmission and distribution system

1) Low efficiency of transformer: There are also large quantities of high energy-consuming transformers in the oilfield transmission system, which account for about 1/3 of the total number of units in the system. This is one of the main reasons for the high power loss of the oilfield system.

2) Large line loss: the oil field power supply line is long, some lines are aging seriously, and most of the cross sections of the line conductors have not been replaced. In recent years, with the increase of the oil field power load, some lines have been overwhelmed by the small cross section of the conductors, resulting in serious heat generation during the operation of the conductors, and even the phenomenon of burning the conductors.

2. Old equipment and low efficiency

1) . Pumping unit

The oil production system, as the power consumption system for large-scale production in the oil field, accounts for 56% of the total power consumption in the oil field. The current situation of its system efficiency is that the matching of pumping unit equipment has the unreasonable phenomenon of "big horse pulling car", and the general load rate of the motor is low.

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